B & D Retracts

Klasskotemo is the exclusive Distributor of B&D Retracts. B&D Retracts are 100% made in the USA. Unlike other companies which import component parts then assemble their retracts and claim they are made in the USA, all of B&D Retracts parts, components are all made in the USA. B&D Retract Systems come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. What does that mean? Simply return your damaged B&D Retract unit pre-paid to the address listed below and your B&D Retract unit will be repaired or replaced at no charge to you. Any modifications made to the B&D Retract unit will void this warranty.

Most B&D Retract Systems are in stock. Individual B&D Retract parts require more lead time. Please email with specific questions regarding parts availability and pricing. Take a stand and buy American made products. Stop supporting companies importing inferior products and parts.

For warranty repairs, please send your retracts to:

B&D Repair
Attn: S. Brown
HC 81, Box 7
Ballard, WV 24918

Click here for pricing. Please contact Klass Kote Missouri to order.
Call (636) 828-4343

Mechanical Retract - Main
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Mechanical Retract - Tricycle
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Pneumatic Retract - Nose or Tail
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Pneumatic Retract - Tricycle
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