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Pattern Planes
Ballistic Aircraft Company, LLC specializes in the manufacture of classic fiberglass R/C pattern airplanes and other designs. We have many of the original molds from Aero Composites, Carolina Custom Aircraft, Aztec Aire, R/C City Florida, Henry Piorun, Geoff Combs, Dick Hansen, S&W Hobby Supply, and the Zigsaw plugs from Japan for the Atlanta. We also manufacture new molds for designs not in our current inventory.

We purchase most of our fiberglass cloth directly from the manufacturer in full 125 yard rolls. We use fresh premium epoxy resins, surface coats (gel-coats) and primer purchased directly from U.S manufacturers. This ensures consistent quality.
Our fiberglass fuselages and fiberglass parts are made to order with an in-the-mold white epoxy-based primer to eliminate the pinholes found in all raw fiberglass fuselages and parts. This extra step saves you expense, time and frustration. Wings and stabs are CNC cut using 1 pound virgin foam to include the ailerons and elevators. Contest sheeting is supplied in our wood packs.

If you purchase a kit from another source draw a centerline on your building table. Set the fuselage on it to verify that it is straight and not curved, twisted, warped; and that the vertical fin is perpendicular to your building table and on the centerline. Every pinhole and void that requires filling adds weight to something that is potentially already overweight due to excess epoxy left in the mold.

Visitors are welcome with advance notice. You can see a side by side comparison of different vendor’s airplanes and can form your own opinion.

Quality and service are #1 with us. “Go Ballistic and get the Best.” Why settle for less?

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A6 Intruder - Available now
Atlanta (Using the original Zig Saw Plugs from Japan) - Available soon  
Brushfire - Available now
Curare - Available now
EU-1A - Available now
Hippo Tipo - Available soon  
LA-1 - Available now
Nutcracker - Available soon  
Patricia - Available soon

Phoenix 8 - Available now

  • Wing span: 64"
  • Wing area: 730 sq. in.
  • Fuselage length: 56.75"
  • .60 Engine
Shrike (Bob Violett design) - Available now
Super Curare - Available now.
T2A MKI - Available now
T2A MKII - Available now
T2A MKIII - Available soon
T2A MKIV - Available soon

Tiporare - Available now

  • Wing span: 65"
  • Wing area: 720 sq. in.
  • .60 Engine

We will be adding many more planes shortly.

Do you have a classic fiberglass pattern plane kit that is not in our inventory? If you send it to us so we can make a mold of it, we will:   

Also available: Contest grade balsa wood sheeting, balsa wood and aircraft grade plywood.